Limited edition packaging is perfect for seasonal events like Halloween. It creates a buzz around everyday products, whilst potentially reaching new consumer groups and tapping into impulsive consumer purchasing behaviours.

With that in mind, we couldn’t resist putting together some of our favourite Halloween packaging designs of all time!

1. Trick or Treacle

Trick or Treacle Halloween Packaging Design

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The perfect play on words, we love Tate and Lyles take on a seasonal design. Incorporating the classic pumpkin and inverting the typical branded colours creates a fresh and spooky look, whilst staying true to their traditional style. Talk about a perfect Halloween packaging design.

2. Fanta 

Fanta Halloween Packaging Design

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With festivities just around the corner, Fanta is back with another set of ghoulish themed cans. Each can feature’s a unique code, allowing consumers to unlock exclusive Snapchat filters which change daily to encourage repeat purchasing. Talk about smart, multipurpose packaging.

3. Count Choc-ula

Count Chocula Halloween Packaging Design

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Hotel Chocolat is back and better than ever! Following on from their sell-out Easter sandwiches, let us introduce Count Choc-ula. This ideal Halloween gift is even packaged in a coffin style box – again what’s not to love? Just be careful he doesn’t bite.

4. Burger King 

Burger King Halloween Packaging Design

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Burger King has rightfully landed a spot in our top 10 Halloween packaging designs. Designed by Turner Duckworth, ghoulish illustrations transform the usual throwaway packaging into eye-catching novelty pieces. We think Burger King should adopt this illustrative approach all year round!

5. Kelloggs Fruit Loops

Froot Loops Halloween Packaging Design

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Talk about eye-popping design (pardon the pun.) Kellogg’s have always been one to explore limited-edition packaging and Halloween is no different. Featuring identical designs throughout their product range, this is certainly one to grab kid’s attention in the supermarket aisles.

6. Multipack Madness

Multipack Halloween Packaging Design

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Nothing beats a limited edition multipack. unfortunately for us, this Halloween special from Lays can only be found in the USA, but we had to feature it in our top 10.

7. Day of the Dead Wine

Cinco De Mayo Halloween Packaging Design

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Adopting what has become a classic 21st century Halloween costume, we love these Cinco De Mayo wine bottles. Artists Sean and Daryll Wells use illustration and a bold colour palette to turn ordinary wine bottles into a collector’s item.

8. Pumpkin Face Rum

Pumpkin Face Rum Halloween Packaging Design

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Who said Halloween is for children? If you’ve read our other favourite packaging blog posts, you will know that some of us at DCP love unconventional packaging design. Pumpkin Face Rum is another example to add to our list. The unique shape and contrasting colours create the perfect Halloween gift for adults.

9. Haunted House Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes Halloween Packaging Design

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We know all the children will be knocking on this door at Halloween. Reinventing their traditional rectangular box packaging, McVitie’s have created a free-standing haunted house with accompanying ghostly figures. We think we’ll be purchasing a box of these…

10. Coffin Creeps

Coffin Creeps Halloween Packaging Design

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Created by a family run online crafts website, these neatly designed coffin boxes are the perfect idea for individual Halloween gifts. We love the neatly branded packaging which comes in a range of colours to suit the family.

If you’re looking to make an impression with limited edition packaging we’re here to help. Whether it’s repurposing your existing packaging or designing some creative POS to help your product stand out, we’ve got it covered.