A vision without a strategy
remains an illusion.

An idea is just that without the drive, skills and knowledge to see it flourish.
As a leading brand strategy agency, we help to build your vision into a reality,
creating a brand that your customers will fall in love with.

A focused, clear brand strategy should be the foundation of your communications.

Our approach.

At DCP we take all the very best bits of your business, marry this with your personality and USP’s to craft a memorable, profitable brand. Using psychology, strategy and clever design we help your brand turn heads and provide lasting ROI.

What’s in a brand?

A brand is not just the company logo or brand packaging. It is emotional, it can differentiate and evoke lifelong loyalty. It can permeate all levels of business and drive tangible measurable results.

You may have great products and values but if the message you’re sending customers is not crystal clear, your efforts will go to waste. Play it safe and you’ll be lost in the crowd, go too niche and you could limit your market.


Concept Creation

Brand Positioning
Creative Copyrighting
Colour Palette
Communication Strategy

Brand Identity

Logo Design
Brand Elements
Colour Palette

Brand Guidelines

Tone of Voice
Logo Usage
Colour Reference
Template Creation

Concept Creation.

Combining expansive research and strategic thinking, we craft unique brands that communicate the right messages to your customers.

Our team of creative strategists develop strong connections between your brand and consumers hearts to deliver tangible, valuable results

Solid Concepts

We always begin with strategic thinking. Working alongside our clients we draw up value propositions and USPs that will form the basis of your brand. It is one thing to create beautiful, mind blowing design but when it’s not evoking the required response from your consumers it is merely art.

Our team is built of passionate creatives who start every project with the same approach. Whether it be company logo design, packaging creation or print advertising we always strive to produce quality design that delivers concrete ROI.

Let’s tell a story

The best brands tell great stories.

Stories can capture the imagination. They can speak directly to the consumer from behind a screen, on the go, or at that crucial purchase point in stores. They should always answer the question, why should I buy your product?

At DCP we help to identify your brand personality and emotional triggers that produce trust with consumers.

Brand Identity.

Brand identity design is more than just colours and fonts, it is entirely emotive. And rightly so, your brand is an extension of who you are and what your company represents.

Building your brand identity can be difficult. You know what you want to say, but finding the right copy, typography and assets to make your brand tangible is tricky. At DCP we make the process fun, working closely with you to develop your whole brand experience.

To see a brand flourish and achieve its full potential is an exciting and rewarding experience for both parties. We’ve developed brand identity design for large and small companies across an array of industries, all sharing the same objective – success. With clever brand identity design, we can turn your brand into your greatest asset.

Brand Guidelines.

You may know your brand inside out but when working with external companies or educating employees, brand guidelines are essential. All the extensive research, planning and design may go to waste if you cannot translate exactly how your brand should be communicated.

Mixed messages and varying styles can confuse consumers and leave your brand missing the mark.

We work with you to develop clear and focused brand guidelines to keep your brand consistent across platforms and consumer touchpoints. From logo formats, colourways, font styles and sizes to the brand tone of voice.