We are a leading brand strategy and packaging design agency based in Manchester - UK

We create and build ambitious, purpose driven brands.

Since 2007, we have worked for clients all around the world, global and local, start-ups, market leaders and all businesses in between. 

We work on brand strategy and creation, packaging design, rebrands and redesigns, new product development (NPD), multilingual packaging for export, as well as simple artwork updates.

Have a product to sell? We are your go-to agency for all things brand and packaging design.


An idea is just that without the drive, skills and knowledge to see it flourish. We work with brands to create focused, clear brand strategy that becomes the foundation of your communications.

At DCP we take all the very best bits of your business, marry this with your personality and USP’s (unique selling points) to craft a memorable brand story.

Using psychology, strategy and clever design we help your brand turn heads and provide lasting return on investment.


We believe packaging is the most important aspect of brand marketing. If it doesn’t attract the right audience, you won’t have a business. We help to build your vision into a reality, creating something beautiful that your customers will fall in love with.



We strike the fine balance between creativity and intelligent design, delivering inspiring and creative packaging design that’s retail ready.



From food products to cosmetics, pouches to cartons we can work with you to develop strategic packaging design that drives sales.

We think global and act local

When you’ve created a fantastic brand it’s easy to dream of taking it global. We get you. But turning that vision into a reality requires great local knowledge and market expertise. Our clients know it works to have an ear to the ground, especially when your chosen export market is worlds apart in terms of culture, customs, language and regulations. We navigate local food labelling regulations, provide the required translations and bring together our local knowledge to translate concepts into marketable products.

Export to Europe (UK & EU)

We provide a turnkey export service that delivers the full package for brands looking to take on the UK & Europe. We give you all the tools you need to access new markets without compromising your brand, by advising you on the best way to present your products and managing the whole process from concept to print.

Exporting from the UK

We can work with both you and your distributors to produce translations and multilingual packaging enabling you to target several European countries through one packaging design. By harnessing all the key product information, claims and messaging we create one multilingual packaging artwork for each of your products.

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