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We help your products stand out through thoughtful branding and packaging design.

Since 2007, we have worked for clients all around the world, global and local, start-ups, market leaders and all businesses in between. 

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Packaging design that sells.

A great product needs great packaging design. However, a design can’t just be beautiful, it needs to attract the right kind of audience in a matter of seconds. That’s why in that short window we must communicate why the customer should buy your product. The design we create at DCP marries perfectly both beauty and function to do just that.

Creating a product or a range takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t sell yourself short by not investing in the brand and packaging design that’s going to help your product get noticed and make sales for your business.

Working with DCP was a really easy process, Hetal took the time to fully understand our brand and vision. The designs offered encompassed everything that we were trying to communicate but in an engaging and eye-catching way.

Our new packaging design has helped us to gain meetings in target retailers where previously we had struggled to get a foot in the door.


An idea is just that without the drive, skills and knowledge to see it flourish. We work with brands to create focused, clear brand strategy that becomes the foundation of your communications.

At DCP we take all the very best bits of your business, marry this with your personality and USP’s (unique selling points) to craft a memorable brand story.

Using psychology, strategy and clever design we help your brand turn heads and provide lasting return on investment.

Packaging Design

We believe packaging is the most important aspect of brand marketing. If it doesn’t attract the right audience, you won’t have a business. We help to build your vision into a reality, creating something beautiful that your customers will fall in love with.



We strike the fine balance between creativity and intelligent design, delivering inspiring and creative packaging design that’s retail ready.



From food products to cosmetics, pouches to cartons we can work with you to develop strategic design that drives sales.

Our Services

Packaging design
Tone of voice

Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Multilingual packaging
Food labelling checks
Instagram templates
Point of sale
3D packaging mock-ups

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