Easter is one of our favourite times of year. It signals the beginning of spring, the days become longer and we can unapologetically consume masses of chocolate.

As Cadburys recently found themselves in trouble for removing the word Easter from its chocolate eggs, it once again highlighted the importance of packaging for the modern-day consumer.

So, what better way to celebrate the bank holiday weekend than to take you through some of our favourite Easter packaging designs of all time!

1. Troufa Easter Egg Packaging

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The Troufa Easter Egg has rightfully claimed a spot in our top 6, winning the award for pure imagination. The shape of the packaging perfectly resembles a chicken with the chocolate egg being sheltered in its stomach. What an amazing take on limited edition packaging.

2. Hotel Chocolat Egg Sandwich

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The famous egg sandwich is back and we’re still not over it! Hotel Chocolat are deservedly on our all-time favourite Easter packaging list. This witty approach completely reinvents a classic Easter egg. I mean it’s a realistic edible chocolate sandwich packaged in a traditional branded sandwich box, what’s not to love?

3. Typo Egg Packaging

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If you have a strong appreciation for fonts like the team here at DCP, then this Typo Egg Packaging is perfect for you! Created for a student project, designer Niteesh Yadav perfects the dream Easter packaging for graphic designers and font lovers alike.

4. Artisan du Chocolat – Balloon Egg

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Artisan du Chocolat take us on a journey of nostalgia with their lovely Balloon Egg. Although the packaging structure is similar to most store-bought eggs, its whimsical design and pastel colours ensures it stands out in the Easter Egg crowd. It definitely takes us back to our childhood.

5. Tesco Finest Easter Egg Range

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In terms of thinking outside the box, I think we can all agree that Tesco’s 2015 Egg coop trumps all other Easter packaging. We haven’t seen another Easter Egg collection quite like it. It’s eye-catching replica design makes us want to gather fresh chocolate eggs from this coop every day.

6. Chococo Half Dozen Chocolate Eggs


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Last but certainly not least our favourite Easter Packaging of all time Chococo’s half a dozen chocolate eggs.

Neatly branded, with vibrant choice of colours and a pink box to boot its really sold it to us girls. In fact, their entire Easter egg collection is what dreams are made of. We’ll take the lot!

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