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DCP Export Package

When you’re onto a good thing there’s a chance people from far and wide are going to want it.

You just need a little helping hand to take the stress away and let you get on with what you do best. The beauty of our export package is that, well, we’ve been there before. We know how to bring out the very best of a brand and translate it into a marketable product for the discerning European consumer.

Anyone who has worked in global branding understands the complexity of language and cultural differences, with a plethora of meanings for words and phrases. Without accurately translating your brand messaging, you could fail to make the right connection with your core demographic even before your product reaches the store.


We provide labelling guidance and translations, bringing our local knowledge and expertise to create final, print-ready packaging artwork files for the products you wish to export. Just tell us where you want to go…

Design Consultation

Using local market intelligence our team can advise you on key design trends and cues, as well as advising on trending food claims to attract your key demographic. We pride ourselves on striking the fine balance between creativity and strategic design.

Multilingual Packaging & Translations

At DCP we specialise in streamlining your packaging. We harness all the key product information, claims and messaging to create one multilingual packaging artwork for each of your products, enabling you to target several European countries through one packaging design.


When exporting to various markets, you are likely to face different labelling regulations. We can advise you on current regulations and adjust your product’s labelling where needed. Our meticulous attention to detail, means we thoroughly proof artwork and pack designs for compliance with UK, EU and International food labelling regulations and laws.

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