Ah, Valentine’s, arguably one of the best (and worst days) of the year. Last year in the UK, we spent £980 million on gifts and limited-edition paraphernalia, which is a healthy post-Christmas sale boost not to be sniffed at.

We take a look at how some brands are mixing up their packaging design to set hearts racing.

1. Saucy Stuff

Hot Sauce - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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What a pair of hot sauces! Font choice and colour vibrancy are a focal point for this design, perfectly reflecting the flavours of the product. We love the humorous flirty statements used to describe the sauce heat. What better way to let your partner know you think they’re hot stuff?

2. Godiva 2017 Chocolate Packaging

Godiva - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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If you don’t get chocolate on February 14th, is it even Valentine’s day? Although Godiva uses a packaging structure similar to most boxes of chocolate, it certainly sells itself to those male gift buyers through its playful design and quirky graphics. We can only imagine how many girls got a box of these in 2017.

3. Socks Appeal

Socks Appeal - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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Valentine’s day isn’t just for the girls and what better way to let your partner know you love them by giving them some socks appeal? Neatly branded with a repeat heart pattern and deep, rich colour palette, this Valentine’s gift is perfect for those guys out there.

4. Valentines Tea

Harrods - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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Is it wrong to still be buying your mum Valentine’s gifts? Harrods don’t think so, with their perfectly whimsical design, featuring floral patterns and pastel colours that have mum written all over it. We’re sold! We just hope she’s still buying for us…

5. The apple of my pie

Mr Kipling - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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Evoking the true spirit of Valentine’s, Mr Kipling’s fun-loving design resembles that fuzzy feeling you get when you first meet. The treats lend themselves to a clever play on words and will certainly encourage impulse purchases. Mr Kipling wasn’t on our Valentine’s list originally, but we think we’ll make an exception.

6. Starbucks Valentines Cups

Starbucks - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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A blast from the past, Starbucks Valentine’s cup from 2012 is still one of our favourites. Love is at the heart of their design (quite literally) but it’s the handwritten typography capturing all the different meanings of love really pulled on our heartstrings!

7. Cupids Bow

Cupids Arrow - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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The Flecha Olimpica San Valentin (or Olympic Valentine’s Arrow for those who shamefully like us can’t speak any Spanish) has rightfully claimed a spot in our top 10 Valentine’s packaging.  Cleverly designed to replicate the casing of a real bow and arrow, you would never guess it enclosed chocolate cupid’s arrows. This no love hearts and flowers approach would melt even the iciest of hearts.

8. Share a Coke on Valentine’s

Coca Cola - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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‘Share a Coke’ campaign just got romantic. Featuring great authentic branding with half a hand on each bottle, when put together creates a heart. This is a great concept, but we guess as singletons we’ll just have to buy two?

9. I Loaf You

Valentine’s Day Packaging Design - We Loaf You

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With February 14th just around the corner, why not create your own DIY valentines gift? Making use of a monochrome colour scheme and Sans Serif style font creates an artisan feel. But once again it’s the great use of puns that have given it a place in our top 10. We really do loaf you!

10. Hangry Fix

Hangry Fix - Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

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Single or just a Valentine’s Day hater, this one is for you. Whilst everybody else enjoys February 14th, we’ll be here sorting out our hangry fix and eating our emotions. We could pretend that it was the 70’s style heart design on the stand-up pouch that caught our eye but we all know that it wasn’t.

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