This month we’ve focused on the importance of The ‘Unboxing Experience’ that’s taking online retail by storm.

Feeling inspired, our team sought out their favourite examples of brands getting it right, delivering the perfect unboxing experience straight to your doorstep.

Bloom & Wild

Product Unboxing Experiences Bloom & Wild DCP

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Ever ordered something online and had to collect it when it didn’t fit through your letterbox? We know the feeling! Online flower retailer Bloom & Wild revolutionised postal deliveries, creating a standardised letterbox friendly format which fits not only their range of bouquets but more recently mini Christmas trees in – now that’s what we call impressive!

The Mantry

Product Unboxing Experiences The Mantry DCP

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Sorry girls but this one is specifically for the men out there. The Mantry create a truly unique unboxing experience for its subscribers. Inspired by the prohibition era their products are delivered in a nailed shut crate, forcing you to pry off the lid to unveil what’s inside. If that’s not an experience each month, we don’t know what is.

Beautycon Summer Boxes

Product Unboxing Experiences Beautycon DCP

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If you’re a Millennial or Gen Z’er you’ll probably be familiar with the ‘unboxing experience’ trend that took YouTube by storm and it didn’t take long before brands started to capitalise off of it. Beautycon’s (an American beauty event) summer boxes encourage their subscribers into to creating the ‘perfect unboxing’ using a similar approach to the YouTube trend and specific Beautycon hashtags. Talk about clever social marketing tactics.


Product Unboxing Experiences Birchbox DCP

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Vibrant and pattern dominated, every month with Birchbox is different and contains a skilfully written letter to consumers, creating a personal and a gift like feeling.  It may sound like simple stuff but if you ask us, Birchbox has cleverly created a loyal relationship with their consumers.

Garcon Wines

Product Unboxing Experiences Garcon Wines DCP

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Once again looking to tackle the infamous letterbox dilemma, Garcon Wines developed an innovative unboxing experience. With a newly designed wine bottle and flattened packaging, you’ll never miss a delivery again. I think we can all agree here that if there’s one delivery you don’t want to miss… it’s the one with the wine.


Product Unboxing Experiences Floravere DCP

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Floravere creates custom made wedding dresses and delivers them straight to your door. With this in mind, the brand understands that every detail is crucial to exciting consumers and building that trust. From beautiful illustrations to gold foil trims, a story is told and a positive interaction is created. We can’t think of a better unboxing experience than that of your wedding dress.

Hello Fresh

Product Unboxing Experiences Hello Fresh DCP

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If you haven’t heard of Hello Fresh, well hello, where have you been? Designed to make home cooking easy, the subscription service relies on the packaging to be the only touchpoint with delivery being the first-time consumers physically interact with the brand. Their packaging is created with cooling technology and separate ingredient compartments to make for a convenient and easy unboxing experience.

Friction Free Shaving

Ultimate Unboxing Experience Friction Free Shaving DCP

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Not only has the trend of unboxing taken off but so has the trend of subscription razors for both women and men. Neatly branded, with a pastel colour scheme throughout, this one from friction free shaving really caught our eye. We definitely think FFS has had the YouTube trend in mind when designing this packaging.

Paper Gang

Product Unboxing Experiences Papergang DCP

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You only have to search Papergang on Google to be hit with a sea of unboxing experience videos and trust us if you haven’t yet watched one, you need too. Each of Papergang’s monthly boxes feature a laser cut out logo and a unique design that’s bound to leave a positive impression on first-time consumers. And as we’ve found out is so important, they are letterbox friendly!

Vesuvio Pizza

Product Unboxing Experiences Vesuvio DCP

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We may have gone a bit left field with this last one but bear with us. Created as a student project, every packaging detail from the branding to the design has been made with the consumer’s needs in mind. Sadly, Vesuvio isn’t available to consumers, it would definitely provide us with a positive unboxing experience (and that’s not just because of the pizza inside.)

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