Now more than ever consumers are investing more in health and general wellbeing. The trend towards more healthier lifestyles can be seen across the food and drink sector. From the boom in organic and natural products to the meteoric rise of protein powders and supplements, it seems the wellness trend is here to stay.

So, what are the guiding principles of branding in the health food sector?

Our team share some insight on the big do’s and don’ts in health food branding, with great examples of how getting it right can reap big rewards.

Do offer complete transparency

Transparency Health Food Branding DCP

High profile product recalls by some of the biggest and well-known brands in the world have turned us into an untrusting bunch and so complete transparency on sourcing, ingredients and labelling is crucial. Today’s savvy consumers will suss you out immediately if something doesn’t add up.

Don’t overcomplicate things

On the average supermarket trip, you can be exposed to over 40,000 different products all vying for attention. So, it’s understandable that consumers feel bombarded with messaging.

The clean label trend is the result of brands taking a step back, ‘decluttering’ and pairing down their design, as a way of standing out. According to Nielsen’s research, 68 per cent of consumers surveyed said that they would even pay more money for food and drink products with “clean” ingredients, a sign its crucial to communicate this aspect of your product.

Do think about Sustainability

Sustainable Packaging Health Food Branding DCP

That’s in all aspects of your supply chain and especially packaging. The global plastics problem has is a huge concern for consumers, with reports suggesting that consumer would like to see more ‘greener’ packaging solutions. Although the jury’s out to see if it really does impact final purchasing decisions and long-term brand loyalty, it would be foolish not to see how you can make sustainable changes to your packaging moving forwards.

Don’t forget about the food to go market

The rise of the food to go market has stemmed from our fast-paced lifestyles. As consumers look for their healthy fix on the go, many health food brands are focussing on portable formats, single serve portion sizes as well as where the product is distributed.

Combining two huge food trends by focusing on healthy eating and on-the-go consumption is a definite win-win.

Don’t hide your ingredients

Show the Food Health Food Branding DCP

Whether its great creative photo shoots, advertising, sampling or using packaging features that truly show off the product within, playing to the senses with food marketing will always drive interest in your brand.

Think about the difference in sales that Marks and Spencer experienced with their shift to a more in-depth focus of the quality and freshness of their food, playing to sensory emotions.

Do seek Organic Certifications

Organic Certifications Health Food Branding DCP

If your ingredients are naturally sourced and organic in nature, then definitely communicate this throughout your health food branding. The organic food and drink market in the UK is now worth more than ever, with record sales of £2.2bn, showing 6% growth in 2017. So as consumers now actively seek out organic produce, by using the recognised certifications brands are able to build trust and confidence in the product.

Don’t use claims that can’t be substantiated

For every brand that’s actively trying to make some positive change in the world, there will always be someone looking to profit from false claims and values. When it comes to health food branding, sourcing and origin of ingredients are of utmost importance to the consumer. Mislabelled products and false claims can have an irreversible effect on brands, from the obvious financial penalties and stress on the supply chain to more long-term effects on consumer confidence.

Its an exciting time to be working in the health food market, but with great opportunities comes tough competition from new market disrupters as well as creative new launches from established global players. If you’re looking to get your health food branding right then contact our friendly team today.

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