At DCP we like to keep up with the very latest industry trends and packaging innovations.

As pet care is an ever-growing market for DCP the team took a trip to Zoomark in Bologna, one of the biggest pet trade shows in Europe. During the 4-day event we captured some of the very best packaging innovations and pet food design trends 2017.

Bold is best

It’s great to see many pet food brands breaking the traditional mould with their packaging design. There were many brands using bold colourways to differentiate between product flavours and SKU’s. Striking colours have been adopted by many brands in the cat food market.


Lindocat added some humour to their packaging with striking visuals of cats with accessories, mixed with a strong single colour design the artwork looked great on shelf and around the clean white stand.


It seems as though the pet world has truly captured nostalgic and whimsical packaging, just one of the trends featured in our guide packaging design in 2017. Cute illustrations, pastel colourways, etched textures and scripted writing that takes you back to childhood stories.




This look and feel appeared across the portfolio of products for brands such as Edgard Cooper and Lily’s Kitchen. Even though these names are relatively new to the pet food market, the branding makes the buyer feel as if they’ve been around for years.

At One with Nature

One of the most notable trends across the show was the emphasis on fresh, natural, grain free products.

The natural ingredients used in manufacture have clearly inspired the packaging design, with earthy colourways and textures highlighting the organic home cooked, artisan feel of the brands. Think hessian textures, kitchen utensils, images of the countryside and rolling fields.



As the show came to a close it was clear that pet food design and packaging is rapidly keeping pace with human food and drink trends. Our team have returned feeling inspired and ready to inform our long-standing pet food customers on industry trends and innovations for 2017 and beyond.

If you are looking to create fantastic packaging for your pet food brand DCP can help you achieve creative packaging design that’s retail ready.

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