A new edition of the FEDIAF Labelling Code has been approved, which means many pet food brands will have to change their packaging labels.

For many, these new pet food labelling regulations will mean decisions need to be made, artwork needs to be updated and new print runs to be scheduled.

We can update the artworks with ease but we say this is a great opportunity to refresh your brand

Opportunity for your brand?

If you need to overhaul your nutrition information, and therefore your label, why not use this as an opportunity to optimise the way your packaging communicates the values of your product? You will have to do it one day to remain current and relevant, so why not now?

Brand refresh

At DCP, we know pet food labels. We are specialist designers who know the industry – in particular the trends when it comes to packaging design. Eye-catching packaging is an extension of the product itself, and we have a history of helping pet food brands maximise their shelf appeal.

Unlike most design and branding agencies we specialise in packaging, and design with the end in mind. We can save on cylinder costs and use the packaging to enhance and work with your brand. Saving both time and money in the long run.

Your business has plans for growth, and investing in your brand can help achieve your goals. A brand refresh could help you stand out from your competitors, and even help you connect with whole new audiences.

These new pet food labelling regulations are your chance to take a step back and ask yourself: ‘is your brand in line with your position in the market?’

Translation & multilingual artwork

You may already be exporting your pet food products in which case you’ll know the benefits of multilingual packaging being able to target several countries with one packaging artwork. With many languages on pack the idea of updating these can be daunting. As a full service agency dedicated to all things packaging design, we offer both translations and typesetting and can update the rest of the languages on pack whilst we update the English text.

If you’re not exporting, this could be a perfect time to be able to target multiple countries and regions with one packaging design. We work with may brands creating multilingual packaging, saving them money in packaging costs by creating a single artwork.

All we need is the updated English text copy and we will take care of the rest, just tell us where you want to go…

You are in control

Don’t worry about handing over the design reigns. Our Digital Asset Management system means you and your colleagues can approve artwork any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Outsourcing your design work doesn’t have to mean dozens of email chains and messy conversations leading to confusion over who has approved which version of which artwork! Allow us to take the strain, while you retain control.

Our organised project managers are on hand to help you navigate the pet food labelling changes and make the most of your brand and packaging artwork. We do this day in day out so you’re in safe hands.

It’s a no-brainer. The FEDIAF code means going back to the drawing board. Let DCP make sure you come back with a masterpiece.

Whether it’s updating artwork with text changes, multilingual packaging or a brand refresh, DCP can help get the most out of your new packaging. Drop us a line today to talk about your project.

For more information about the new code, click here.