Attracting new customers to your product is not easy. In crowded retail stores, one of the best ways to make your product stand out from the crowd is through your product packaging.

Successful packaging design requires more than just a good eye. Let us take you through our top tips for making an impact with your food packaging design.

1. Simple and Clear

Fun and creative designs are known to draw crowds, but there is a lot to be said for clear and simple communication. Consumers have become more aware of health benefits, sustainability and recyclability. Accurate and legible nutritional information is paramount. In a recent survey, 85% of shoppers said their in-store purchasing decisions are helped by reading product packaging.

Top tips for food packaging design

There are many products that look fantastic, but if it is difficult to decipher exactly what’s inside it could mean no sale. Consumers make their decision in 5 to 7 seconds or even less. So, be clear about your product.

2. Visually Appealing

Being clear and simple are the foundations of food packaging design but to appeal to customers you have to make your product packaging visually attractive. Packaging is all your customers will see when they come face to face with the product. Would you buy something that doesn’t look good on the shelf?

It may not be the sole factor for purchase decisions but having a well-placed logo, high-quality photography and great labelling will surely make your customer notice your product over others.

3. Authenticity

There are hundreds of products competing for the attention of customers. So, the only way to sell your product is by being authentic. This is what sets you apart from your competitors and can be a matter of exploration and creativity.

Food Packaging Design Tips Be Authentic

In food packaging design, applying strong visuals with a unique design style is a good approach. You could even look into other product categories to brainstorm ideas and to take inspiration. Be bold, be different!

4. The Right Language

Using language that could conjure a sensory or taste impact for the customer could be a clever way of enticing them to buy. Language such as refreshing, energising would work well on sports drinks packaging. Or more recently brands are using clever wordplay to incorporate the product within the brand name. Think Candy Kittens, Boo Tea, Graze.

5. Show the Food

Food is a sensory product and your customers can’t taste or smell it. So why not let them see it? This will allow your customers to see exactly what they are purchasing and to assess its quality.


Food packaging design is a vast field that requires a great deal of experience. Creating a perfect blend of clarity, relevancy and creativity will offer your audience packaging they can’t refuse.

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