Food Regulations can be an
ever-changing obstacle

Our experience in the UK and EU markets makes us perfectly positioned to advise brands on food labelling and packaging regulations.

What do we mean by food labelling?

Meeting food safety standards by creating honest and clear labelling is crucial before taking your product to market.

Your brand will need to show certain information, list ingredients and disclose allergen warnings, all of which may differ depending on which markets you serve.

Why is food labelling so important?

As consumers become more concerned with brand transparency and traceability, accurate and visible labelling becomes ever more important for your packaging.

Incorrect labelling can leave customers with severe health issues and in some extreme cases may even cause death. So, disclosing full ingredients, highlighting allergens and including other important information on your food packaging is paramount.

What can we do for you?

If you export to various markets, you are likely to face different labelling regulations. We can advise you on current regulations and adjust your product’s labelling where needed. Our team can thoroughly proof and amend your packaging artworks for compliance with UK, EU and International food labelling regulation laws.

Our understanding of European and International regulations can help you access new markets with the right packaging, giving you the confidence and assurance that your labels will be legal on shelf.

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