We have created a brand new ‘Family Size’ multipack to launch alongside our existing ‘Large Size’ 3PK SKU. We want to take this opportunity to revamp our packaging to make it more compelling on-shelf, to encourage people to try QBAG time and time again.

Can DCP help us to educate and inspire consumers through our packaging?


QBAG is a super strong, leak-proof aluminium foil bag ideal for people looking to cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals. It’s a revolutionary innovation for convenience-driven people. Whether you are cooking at home for yourself, your family, entertaining guests, having a BBQ party or planning a camping trip, QBAG serves as a comprehensive meal preparation solution for individuals from all walks of life.


As soon as we picked up the project and saw the old packaging it was clear that the design failed to highlight these great USPs and variety of uses; we couldn’t wait to get to work.

“As strong as your brand marketing is day to day, in-store purchasing decisions are still critical to the success of a product. If the consumer can’t get excited about your product and visualise the result in that split second it can be the difference between a sale or no sale. Retailers’ sales performance metrics can be strict and once a listing is lost from poor performance, it can be extremely difficult to get back in,” commented Hetal, Director at DCP.

Today’s time-poor consumers are looking for quick fixes and shortcuts in the kitchen. We reported on the rise in convenience food products offering ‘time saved’ in our food and drink report 2017. Simple, healthy, no-frills meals are what many of us look for in our weekly shop. QBAG delivers on all fronts but the packaging just wasn’t communicating this.

We worked closely with Sonia to understand the key benefits of QBAG, highlighting these on the pack with illustrative icons that immediately communicate the great features of the product and the foods you can cook inside it.

As QBAG is a very distinctive silver foil ‘colour’ itself, we wanted to keep this aspect from the old design but give it an extra boost. We used black to improve the contrast with the vibrant colours of the new food photography showing healthy, easy to source ingredients laid out next to the finished dish inside QBAG.

“Once people try QBAG they recognise the benefits and we regularly receive letters from consumers around the world telling us how much they love the bags. But that initial enticement to try something new is always a difficult message to communicate in-store. The refreshed packaging design is striking and highlights the key benefits on the front of the pack which is what people see first. It is far more engaging now and encourages consumers to get creative and try their own ideas, which is what QBAG is all about!



In terms of customer service, DCP went above and beyond. They shared their expertise on colour management to help us reduce our origination/tooling costs with our printer which was not something I had considered going into this project. And since DCP has all our assets managed on their digital asset management system, we will be able to go to market faster with any new products we launch as part of this range in future. Thank you DCP for all your help!”


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