We first met Desi in 2016 and at that time we could already see the brand was an exciting start-up full of promise. Selling predominantly in farm shops and independent retailers, the brand was looking to take the next step and pitch to retailers and supermarkets nationwide.

We began to work with the team to strengthen the brand proposition, with a complete rebrand across their range of gourmet Indian meal kits. It was clear that Desi had such a passion for traditional Indian cooking and we wanted to capture this story and authenticity.

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Core Brand Values

We established the core pillars of the brand that would appeal to today’s on the go, time poor, choice-rich consumer. These were quickly identified as convenience, health, taste and quality, that would help to build the new identity and packaging design.

One of the biggest challenges was communicating the healthy nature of the product as traditionally consumers associate quick and easy curry kits with relatively low nutritional value. We decided to incorporate traffic light labelling to the front of pack, as research suggests this is instantly recognisable and, in some cases, influential to purchasing decisions. This was a bold statement and one that we believed would attract the more health conscious, time poor consumer to step away from the ready-made sauces and try something different.

Desi Brand Values

Design Cues

The packaging design stemmed from the brand’s authenticity. The mandala and henna prints are immediately identifiable as symbols of Indian culture and the use of earthy tones, whimsical illustrations and script like typography created a natural look and feel to ramp up the authenticity.

We also made the decision to remove the proteins previously shown on the front of pack, as the meal kits are so versatile and can be used with meat, fish, paneer, soya or tofu.

With the continued rise in both vegetarian and veganism, we knew there was an opportunity to attract new consumers that may have previously overlooked the products. It was great to get creative with the recipes that are shared on the back of pack, which too can be tailored to suit individual dietary requirements.

“Working with DCP was a really easy process, Hetal took the time to fully understand our brand and vision. The designs offered encompassed everything that we were trying to communicate but in an engaging and eye-catching way. Our new packaging design has helped us to gain meetings in target retailers where previously we had struggled to get a foot in the door.”

Sam at Desi Foods

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