As health focussed foods are on the rise, market disrupters have paved the way for bold, creative and unique packaging design. With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the very best health food packaging designs ever to inspire you for new or existing products. We hope you find something to sink your teeth into!

W.K Kellogg


Health Food Packaging Design WK Kellogg

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These lively designs are reminiscent of summer with bright pastel colourways and natural elements, helping to communicate the organic ingredients used in the product. Natural design cues in packaging have featured significantly in new product launches this year. You can read more about Packaging Design Trends for 2018 over on our blog here.

Sowan’s Wholegrain Range

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We couldn’t resist adding our very own project for Sowan’s Wholegrain. With simple artisanal design cues to convey the craft feel health conscious consumers are looking for. The textured hessian background also adds to the natural and authentic brand identity and the window is a great way to show the quality of the product within as well as suggest great brand transparency.


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These two origami style packaging designs are sure to get your creative juices flowing. Using the shape of the product inside, these designs are memorable and clever, making something healthy seem a little more interesting!

RX Bars

Health Food Packaging Design RX Bars

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These energy bars have what we call a Ronseal approach, (exactly what it says on the tin). This no B.S. stance is a great approach to health food packaging as brand transparency is king. Simple but effective packaging is always a big hit with us.

Seiwa House Granola

Health Food Packaging Design Seiwa House Granola

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This unique packaging for muesli is delivered straight to your doorstep, so there really is no excuse to skip on a healthy breakfast. Mixing up the flavours with three different tubes is a great way to introduce the product and keep consumers excited about something new every day.

Sùmi Rice Packaging

Health Food Packaging Design Sumi Rice

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These small cartons caught our eye here at DCP as it is not every day you see rice in house shaped packaging. This playful and simple packaging is functional, with the simple design and colourways giving a premium finish.

Daizi Zheng

Health Food Packaging Design Daizi Zheng

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We’re all for a bit of irony here at DCP. This packaging takes inspiration from everyone’s favourite fries, but filled with celery instead, much healthier! We love this playful take on two of the biggest brands in the world.

LA Brewery

Health Food Packaging Design La Brewery

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Although Kombucha is one of the freshest new drink trends, these LA Brewery Kombucha bottles look and feel as if they’ve been around forever. Authenticity is so important for packaging in 2018 as it can massively increase consumer trust. These bottles remind us of a bygone era and their playful pastel colours make us think of summer!

Matcha Culture

Health Food Packaging Design Matcha Culture

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This packaging for matcha tea uses simple fonts and subtle patterns, which creates a high-quality finish. The mix of green Pantone’s across the range reflects the product and creates a link to nature. A matcha made in heaven!

Jooze Fruit Juices

Health Food Packaging Design Jooze Fruit Juice

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Last, but certainly not least, we love this creative student project. With a minimalistic approach, unique shape and distinguishable logo, this packaging certainly stands out and is bound to capture kids’ imaginations!

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