Give your product the best chance in store

At DCP we help you create unique point of sale design and advertising to promote your products and support your brand in-store.

Design is your silent brand ambassador 

So, you have a brilliant new product, with fantastic packaging but you also want to make a real impression in store. Point of Sale Design (POS) and Marketing is a great way to promote your product.

According to research it only takes a few seconds for the consumer to decide which brand to buy so targeting consumers whilst in store is essential for consumer products.

Most purchasing decisions take place at the Point of Sale (POS) especially for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) products. Enticing consumers this way with clever and encouraging design can increase both sales and brand awareness.


At DCP we provide the skills to help grab your customer’s attention through intelligent design and creativity.

Whether you need in-store displays or leaflets for your next exhibition, Digital Creative Packaging is the right partner for you. We ensure that your advertising is not only creative and memorable but consistent with your brand, to help drive sales and increase market awareness.

We understand how important it is to have outstanding Point of Sale Design and advertising. With our creative ideas and design expertise, we can create strategic advertising that will catch your customers’ eye.

We work with many brands looking for unusual, memorable and consistent retail point of sale to help capture consumer attention.

Let DCP be your partner in creating a truly creative point of sale design

At DCP we are passionate about what we do and it shines through in our creative design.
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