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One Pack - Multiple Markets

Think multilingual now, reap the rewards later.

Investing in accurate packaging translations should be at the top of the agenda when brands look to take their products global.

Our experience in global markets has resulted in great expertise in multilingual packaging. Our team are on hand to provide packaging translation services to take your product global.

Anyone who has worked in translations understands the complexity of languages and cultures, with a plethora of multiple meanings for words and phrases. Without reliable packaging translations, your product could unintentionally offend or mislead the consumer.

Different Translations shown on multilingual packaging using Digital Creative Packaging's branded bag in blue highlighting the translation service offered

What are the benefits of multilingual packaging?

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

Your products can be sold in many different markets without alienating each market

Economies of Scale

With only one type of product packaging you can order a higher number of the same packaging, ultimately lowering your cost per unit

Decrease Costs

Save money by eliminating the need for different packaging for different markets

DCP are on hand to help you with translation and design for your Multilingual Packaging.

We provide a full packaging translation service, only working with native translators to guarantee your pack’s translation is free of faults and misinterpretations. We have specialists who are uniquely experienced in the field, creating artworks and incorporating many languages on pack.

With DCP you can be sure your multinational packaging is properly labelled for all your markets. We understand that compliance with labelling regulations is essential. We work with you to produce packaging design artworks that work for your specific target markets.

Many companies are currently only tapping into a very small percentage of their potential audience. Be sure your packaging is multinational and local at the same time.

“Clients return to DCP time after time. Not just because of the excellent results we achieve but because of how easy we make the whole process from concept to print.”

Hetal – Director

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