Packaging Prototypes & 3Ds

Our Ethos.

We all know the importance of market research, the notoriously overlooked aspect of the marketing mix. When you’re in love with your product packaging it can be hard to see things from a different perspective.

At DCP we always suggest a test phase. Whether it be relevant focus groups, feedback from different stakeholders or a mass public survey. Making sure your product packaging hits the right chord with your target market is paramount.

One of the best ways to help the market research phase is to invest in lifelike packaging prototypes, mock ups or 3D visuals. It creates something tangible to present to key stakeholders, target demographics and influential buyers. Although often an unforeseen expense, packaging prototypes can save a great deal in time, money and moral, preventing futile product launches and the withdrawing of product from shop floor.

Benefits of Virtual Packaging Prototypes

"Clients return to Digital Creative Packaging time after time. Not just because of the excellent results we achieve but because of the speed and service from concept to print."


At Digital Creative Packaging, we know that packaging prototypes and packaging mock-ups may not be suitable for all budgets. Investing in numerous packaging prototypes and mock ups can be costly and inconvenient.

We offer a unique state-of the-art Virtual Prototyping service. We can create moveable, rotatable 3D visuals of your packaging with accurate, true-to-life colours, textures and lighting. You might not be able to touch it, but the Virtual Prototype can be shared digitally with any number of stakeholders. There is no need for postage, packaging or mass production.

From cartons and bottle labels to foils, films and fabric, we can offer fantastic packaging prototypes and mock-ups including print, cut, crease, emboss and varnish of a vast range of materials.

Repurposing & range extension shown with 3 different colours (blue, pink and orange) on DCP branded bags showing consistency

Looking for lifelike packaging prototypes to impress your retail buyers?

At DCP we offer fantastic lifelike packaging prototypes, packaging mock-ups & 3D images of your product packaging, perfect for marketing & pitching. Call us today on +44 1625 460 280 or Email us at