Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

We strike the fine balance between creativity and intelligent design, delivering inspiring packaging artwork that’s retail ready.

It’s easy when you know how.

Although packaging design is all about being creative, many people are surprised by how technical packaging artwork needs to be. At Digital Creative Packaging we design with the end in mind.

Many talented graphic designers take on packaging projects but soon realise they are out of their depth. The technical nature of packaging artwork is a minefield and combined with reprographic considerations it’s no small feat for those inexperienced with print. Artwork can look fantastic on screen 3D visuals, but without real reprographic knowledge, many designers are surprised when the print approvals land on their desk.

The team at Digital Creative Packaging have worked in packaging for many years, so there aren’t many problems we haven’t overcome along the way.


Creative Design

Whether it be illustrations, typography design or creative copyrighting, our design team makes sure your packaging design fits your product and brand while standing out from the competition.

Digital Asset Management

With the global nature of product packaging it becomes increasingly important to have one standard repository for all your packaging assets.

Reprographics & Colour Management

We understand the importance of colour. Following international standards, our colour management guarantees consistency throughout the life cycle of your projects and ensures the integrity and consistency of your brand across all print disciplines.

Food Labelling & Regulations

Digital Creative Packaging has the expertise to advise you on current regulations and adjust your product’s labelling where needed.

“Our level of detail is second to none. We quadruple check our artworks before submitting for print and our designers live and breathe packaging design. Its second nature to DCP.”  

Hetal – Director

As a design agency specialising in packaging design, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.

Many design agencies are great at concepts but fall short when it comes to the technicalities of packaging design and packaging artwork. There is nothing more frustrating than avoidable delays in the print process.

We set artwork correctly for print from the get-go, saving you both time and money.

Get your packaging artwork right first time with DCP

At DCP we are passionate about what we do and it shines through in our creative packaging design.
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