We’ve just brought our great new look to the market, now we need a showstopping website to match. Can you help bolster our online presence and drives sales?


Founders of Real Handful Joe and Carly Taylor are on a mission to save healthy snacking from serious. Spurred on by their frustration with the snacking options available and their ambition to help households everywhere enjoy more naturally nutritious & importantly delicious snacks so in 2016, Real Handful was born.


Since the success of Real Handful’s rebrand, it was important that the website mirrored the new identity visible across all brand packaging, social media and POS.

The value of authenticity and storytelling, especially in the food and drink sector, is crucial for brands in today climate. We believed the website needed to centralise the brand proposition, defining the core values and making it easy for users to learn more about the Real Handful story.

We also set out to reflect the fun and playful nature of the brand through the website design, by adding cheeky animations to the homepage brining the fantastic character illustrations to life.


Today’s consumer interacts with brands across multiple platforms and touchpoints 24 hours a day, so mobile responsiveness and easy to use navigation became crucial aspects of the project.

Building a rapport with your customers at every touchpoint is crucial to drive engagement. We spent some time designing multiple wireframes to test user experience and ensure the mobile site was as fluid and touch friendly as possible.

E-Commerce & Subscription

Integrating the e-commerce aspect of the website was a first for the brand. Previously the website stood as a creative brand showcase, that would then link out to a separate shopping platform. We wanted to create a more e-commerce focused site that would enable users to easily purchase the products there and then.

It’s rare for smaller independent brands to be confident enough to sell online through their own site, preferring to rely solely on distributors and retailers. But Real Handful invested in developing their supply chain to enable e-commerce shipping and distribution.

During the site build, we introduced subscription-based purchasing, one of the biggest trends driving growth in the e-commerce sector. According to McKinsey 15% of online shoppers subscribe to some form of repeat order, so the chance to supply regular goods and build a loyal customer following is a great opportunity for any brand.

The new service allowed for customers to sign up to regular delivery’s every week, 2 weeks or every month, with 4 items of their choice delivered in a small mailer box.

“Talking initially with DCP about our vision for our new website it really felt like they were an extension of our team and shared our passion for the project.

Throughout the build, they were focused not just on creating a site with great functionality but one that was fit for purpose as our business grows.  With their background in creative, they were also able to add little touches of design flair that also helped our website bring our brand to life.”

Joe Taylor, Co-Founder @ Real Handful

“Real Handful’s enthusiasm for the project was infectious.

The snacking sector is notoriously difficult to crack but the new identity is so fresh and the products have received rave reviews. We’re delighted with the finished site and feel it brings all the new aspects of the brand harmoniously together under one roof,” said Hetal Pandit, Director at DCP.

Grab a Real Handful of unruly flavour over on the new site today

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